ZEN Cases

A “ZEN case” is a limited issue within a development project owned by one of the partners in ZEN. The ZEN case will help to raise competence and answer one or more of the identified main challenges in ZEN. Furthermore, the project will be developed in accordance with ZEN objectives and quality criteria. The cases can be used to gather knowledge in the Centre from the partners, preferably in areas where the partners already have activity.

Ongoing ZEN cases:

  • FutureBuilt ZERO and the ZEN definition. FutureBuilt, Asplan Viak, Civitas.
  • City logistics in Zero Emission Neighbourhood NTNU Campus. Statsbygg.
  • +CityxChange Sluppen – utilization of waste heat from cooling facilities and server park at Sluppen – local utilization as contribution to Positive Energy Block Sluppen and scaling to neighbourhoods. Trondheim municipality, Multiconsult.
  • Utilization of waste heat sources and reduction of flow temperature in existing district heating grids. Stakraft Varme AS, Norsk Fjernvarme, Trondheim municipality, Bodø municipality, Bodø Energy (Gardermoen).
  • GHG emissions from technical equipment and installations – analysis and optimalization. Statsbygg, Asplan Viak, GK, Civitas, FutureBuilt.
  • The significance of sharing in Zero Emission Neighbourhoods. Elverum Vekst, Asplan Viak, SWECO, ByBo, Futurebuilt, TOBB.

Finished ZEN cases: